“If you want to see the sun shine, you have to weather the storm.” Frank Lan.

Come rain or shine the VeStorm is the first choice for the style and comfort conscious raincoat wearer.

The Vesthold is replete with innovative features that makes it not only one of the most technically advanced raincoats on the market but also one of the most stylish and comfortable to wear.

The bike convertible system was designed so the Vesthold could adapt seamlessly to cycle and motorbike riding and the adjustable hood design, to accommodate the wearing of helmets are just a few of the VeStorms novel features.

Two lateral zips open to release a skirt area which increases leg space so there is no loss of movement. This gives the cyclist unparalleled freedom of movement and at the same time protects the leg area from the rain.

When the skirt is no longer needed it can be done up and the raincoat returns to its original stylish street contemporary look.


Whether it rains or shines, or even if it rains cats and dogs! Vesthold will bring unparalleled comfort and protection. Until recently, all raincoat hoods on the market have been designed to be pulled tight around the face of the wearer. This is not only uncomfortable but also restrictive to peripheral vision and head movement.

Vesthold has created a new standard and concept of how a hood should adapt to the user. In the process, we have created a unique design that makes wearing the hood in the rain a much more comfortable experience.

Our hood design brief was to address the following problems:

  • The hood had to adapt in size to accommodate the wearing of a helmet.
  • It had to be adjustable to protect against rain, blizzard or snow.
  • It also had to increase the comfort and be less restrictive to head movement.

Domehold telescopic hood design is what our technicians came up with.

The main body of the hood can be adjusted and folded back on to itself by means of a large Velcro-adjustable rear strap.

This rear strap, structurally supports the Domehold hood, regulating the horizontal extension of the top visor so that it can remain separate from the head, whilst also protecting it from the rain.

Domehold acts like a small head umbrella, giving the user complete lateral head movement. It can be adjusted depending on the weather conditions.

Two additional inner side reinforcements help to support the hood and to keep it upright.


A lot of technical time has been spent on this part of the garment. Our aim was to make the neck area, not only especially spacious and comfortable but also to keep the ears warm.

In the cold, the domehold hood can be folded down to protect the ears completely. Structurally it is complemented functionally by the Coolhold wide design that envelopes the collar area and makes it thermally stable and comfortable.

The wearing of a scarf is rendered unnecessary. See photos.


To create a protective bubble it is necessary to isolate the body from exterior weather conditions without constraining the wearer or making the raincoat uncomfortably large.

The thermoregulation of our Easehold concept draws on both historical examples of raincoat design and feedback from professionals working today in demanding weather conditions, such as, urban cyclists, mountain rescue teams, policemen etc.

We looked at examples of the garments medieval pilgrims used to protect and shelter themselves from the cold and the rain (see photo). We also looked at what type of raincoat design had been developed for the British Royal family, Queen´s Guard soldiers to make their long sentry duty stints both comfortable and bearable. We also looked at how raincoats used by the Cossaks were designed to be worn also on horseback.

Drawing on historical examples of raincoat design..

Medieval drawing of Camino de Santiago pilgrims

To protect and shelter themselves from the cold and the rain, Medieval pilgrims wore an all enveloping layered garment.

Queen’s Guard soldiers.

The British Royal family, Queen´s Guard soldiers wore long coats to make their sentry duty stints both comfortable and bearable

Cossaks soldiers at the beginnign of the 20 Century

The Cossaks wore a large skirted coat designed specifically for wearing whilst on horseback.

The  VeStorm is designed to accommodate perfectly both the wearing or non-wearing of an inner raincoat.

When the wearer chooses not to wear a undercoat the VesStorm creates a thermoregulating air chamber between the outer fabric and the inner layer, reducing body heat loss without constraining the wearer.

The VeStorm raincoat is designed to protect the knee area. Dense colder air cannot penetrate from below. You will notice a constant and a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort in your upper leg area.

The protective material layer of the VeStorm incorporates all technological advances in modern protective material design.

The Airflow system means that the wearer is enveloped in a thematically regulated bubble, making it both extremely comfortable and light in weight.

The outer membrane releases excessive perspiration and also act as a highly protective layer.

We worked very closely with our professional clients to create the most functional and efficient protection possible and our layer has been certified by independent prestigious laboratories.

Moulded Arms

Wearer comfort was one of our main priorities. We spent a lot of time studying the way arms move and how the garment could adjust to natural posture and movement.

Our designers have shaped the sleeves so that they follow the slightly bent position of the arms and compliment their movements.

This makes the VeStorm perfect for cycling or motorbike riding, as an opening between the body and the garment is created that allows air to circulate freely inside, which helps its thermoregulation.


Zips are an integral feature of the garment. The VeStorm has 7 zips in four sizes and configurations.

YKK, a manufacturer of the world’s best zips, supplies us very sturdy zips. They are both tough and durable and conform to the European Union´s highest standards and have been used for decades by professionals working in the most extreme weather conditions.

The VeStorm’s main zip is a double zip, permitting the raincoat to be partially opened from the bottom or the top. If the wearer needs access to the lower pockets of the raincoat or their trousers, they do not need to open the zip completely. They simply undo the zip from the bottom. This reduces heat loss and limits the entry of rain.

To top it off, the VeStorm is made using the highest quality materials, the most durable waterproof and breathable fabric with YKK zips – no wonder, mountain rescue teams have been using it for years!

To meet the European Unions EN-471 regulations concerning safety reflective garments, we have used reflective 3 M Safety SCOTCHLITE.

Our designers worked hard to integrate reflective piping into the raincoat design so as not to compromise the aesthetics but also to ensure that the raincoat conforms to the highest possible visibility in low visibility conditions.

We developed a pattern where the reflective piping crosses the chest from one sleeve to another, both on the front and the back.

Details that make a difference

Interior pockets

On the inside there two small pockets there are two deep, easily accessible inside pockets with matching zips. These are perfectly suited to the storage a Smartphone, keys or other small items, including a small foldable backpack.

These pockets are closed with YKK zips, ensuring they are watertight

Wrist area

The sleeves have a wide velcro strap at the wrists that can be completely seal them  to stop the inlet of cold air or water. Designed to allow room for the wearing of a coat underneath, they are somewhat longer than your average anorak or jacket sleeve.

Outer pockets

The Vestorm has two outer pockets lined with polar fleece. These are extremely warm and each are protected by waterproof fabric layers.

Rear skirt

To keep inner clothes dry, when sitting outside in the rain, more protection is needed in the back area. The VeStorm, in skirt mode, has a longer back area than front area, in fact the longest back that you will find on the market.

The extended rear design doesn’t restrict walking at all. If the wearer needs more width to walk freely they simply open the side zippers. How easy is that?

Lining comfort.

The inner lining is made of a high-quality fabric twill that is also given an antistatic treatment for ease of putting on and removing.

The inner lining, matches the outer fabric colour and accounts for only 20% of the VeStorm’s total weight. Using only 4 square meters of inner lining and at 56 grams per square meter, the VeStorm, is extremely light.



To ensure that the VeStorm is the most comfortable raincoat on the market we designed it to be as light as possible. A Medium size VeStorm, for example, weights between 825 grams to 980 grams less than an average anorak, making it one of the most comfortable raincoats on the market

The telescopic hood

The all enveloping collar

Reflective piping

Ergonomic design and function

Bent sleeves

Sealed seams

Adjustable wrist straps

External pockets

YKK zips

Adjustable skirt